– Frequently asked questions –

You can leave me a note by using the contact form or just give me a call.

At least 24h in advance to the session, please leave me your mobile phone number and further information about which type of shooting you are interested in. If you have special ideas, wishes, motive ideas or requests, please contact me BEFORE the shoot.

Pricing depends of many aspects such as length of the shooting, location and complexity of editing. Please contact me, so we can discuss details and understand your requirements, so we can make you an offer.

I will adapt to your needs – you will receive a bespoke solution!
As a standard service, I suggest to agree on a preselection of photos first, followed by a professional natural editing, to get the best out of your selected pictures.

You will have your edited pictures within one week.

Yes, the high-resolution files are meant to be printed in high quality. We recommend to use an appropriate high-end printer.

Unfortunately, I do not give out raw images because this is just an intermediate product before the finished image. Image development is part of my creative work as photo artist. I am happy to provide the images in the highest resolution as tif, jpg or other formats.

Yes, by arrangement I am also available on Sundays.

I am happy to come to your home on request.

Yes, I can present you with different models upon request.

This is possible, but must be booked separately in advance. Just talk to me about it. I co-operate with professional make-up artists.

This depends of your individual wishes and requirements fort he shooting session. Most of my shoots are designed for a time frame of up to one hour. These include: application series, business series, portrait series, a mini portrait series usually takes about 30 minutes, family photos can also take longer. Event and Wedding depends on your needs … let’s talk about it!

Yes, of course. Your partner, child or dog shouldn’t be too distracting though, because a relaxed, calm facial expression looks of course better in the photos.

Studio and classic passport photos are not my speciality. It is possible though to take one passport-style picture when we meet for a shoot (application/portrait).

I have to go a little further here, there are basically 3 different rights that I would like to explain.

1. The copyright of the photographer: This right is not transferable and always remains with CB Photography, the right to name the photographer in publications also falls into this category. All photos are fundamentally protected as a work by copyright. The photos are either protected as photographic works within the meaning of Section 2 (1) No. 5 UrhG or at least as simple photographs within the meaning of Section 71 (1) UrhG.

2. The right to one’s own image or portrait: is a special expression of the general right of personality. It says that every person can basically decide for themselves whether and in what context pictures of them are published.

3. Right of use: This is the right that the customer is primarily concerned with. The use of the image for various purposes is regulated here. For private use (all of my pictures are released, I also allow private use in social networks. Professional / commercial use of pictures is of course possible, this will be agreed separately.

I take photos with the Nikon digital SLRs.

I am specialised in bespoke photo shoots with individuals in natural settings.